How I learned about sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangements

Hello everyone!

So I thought I should tell people how I came across this type of relationship I’ve vaguely heard about this before but I’ve never looked into it. In late 2012, a video on my Youtube homepage came up and it was an episode of “Dr. Phil” on sugar babies and sugar daddies. I thought that it would be interesting so I watched it.  *On a side note, I hate Dr. Phil* First of all, I found that the portrayal of sugar babies was totally biased because some of those sugar babies were so unclassy and it made it seem like all sugar babies were like that. Second of all, I thought that the mutually beneficial aspect of sugar dating was interesting.

At that time, I had a friend with benefit (sexual)  and I’ve never really found anyone to seriously date. What did I have to lose? (Lesson learned later on…) So I Googled Seeking Arrangement, read reviews and testimonials and decided that I should try something new. I create an email with a fake name and signed up for SA (Seeking Arrangement). At first I got a good response but it was kind of scary considering I’ve never really had a serious date, let alone a relationship with anyone. I didn’t know what to do and it was quite overwhelming. Eventually I declined every offer because the sugar daddy was old, weird, ugly or fat. I know, I know, so superficial of me! Besides I was too scared of being raped or scammed. My friend also signed up for SA with me. She met up with two potential (pot) SBs. Seeing all of this made me realized that maybe I wasn’t ready for all of this. So I deleted my account on SA. My friend did too.

Fast forward to Fall 2013. Still single, “broke up” with my friend with benefit. Seeing all my friends with a boyfriend/girlfriend made me kind of jealous. I thought something was wrong with me. But I’ve been told I was attractive, I’ve been told I look great in lingerie, I can be funny and I’m definitely not dim-witted. So why am I still single? Then I decided to check out my old emails (I use to change email address every year lol) and I saw my old SA email. And decided I ought to give it another chance. I also didn’t want to study hehe so I recreated another email and signed up for it again.

And the rest is for another blog post!



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